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MrDanaris a posted Jan 15, 14
this server is permanently closed please join 
if you want to meet me ingame
may the odds be ever in your favour 


MrDanaris a posted Aug 16, 12
with new map old map wil be inplemented later as second world with different inventory 
donators wil get the money they payed for back
al other player balances are reseted

for more info or questions pm me 
or other stafmembers



old world back in server /warp oldspawn
you have to walk to your own old places because the homes 
didn't transfer good and are corrupted 

greetz MrDanaris

Support us

MrDanaris a posted Jul 2, 12
make sure you gave us a diamond and voted for top server
it helps us alot 

Welcom to Utopia !

Victory_boy a posted Jun 25, 12
Hey and welcome to Utopia they new server this is his website :D I hope you all will have a great Time
and enjoin they server and lets play like a boss :P
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